The Bailey wedding: Andrew and Melissa. This beautiful wedding in November of 2016 took place at the historical Morris-Butler house. 


"Ink" by The Green Light Project lyric video. Starring Hannah Toth, Shelbie Freeman, and Jill Hermus. 


"The Queen's Ball" Drag Documentary Part 1 of 2. This follows Sebastian Romance/Dani Romance through the process of getting ready, getting to, performing, and after the Ball State fall 2013 drag show.


"Because I Need it: A Day in the Life" is a drama mini-documentary that follows a man's daily routine of doing what needs to be done. This was completed for an assignment in an Advanced Video Production class at Ball State University. Staring Shayne Ryan Williams.


"Interview with a Serial Killer" is a mockumentary about serial killer, Irving Gillard, who isn't doing a very good job. This was completed for an assignment in an Advanced Video Production at Ball State University. Starring David Cole.


"How are You?" is a short short starring completed for an Advanced Video Production class at Ball State University when asked to create a video showcasing emotion. Music created by Ben Stephens and used with permission. Starring Mary Arnett.


Links to more

"August Romance" Photoshoot Preview of Dani Romance.

"The Queen's Ball" Drag Documentary part 2 of 2.

"10 Things" A quick video demonstrating depth of field.

"What is Acting?" A mini-documentary starring Rhett Dial and his views, thoughts, and experiences on acting.

"Black Widow 1min Short" My contest entry for The Guardian's 1 minute superhero film contest.