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An elite government agency must stop the production and distribution of a dangerous new drug while the agents struggle to cope with death and their own addictions to drugs.

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Micah's silent aura quickly becomes interwoven with the loud experiences of moving into his first apartment, meeting a girl, and trying to move on from some terribly dark days of his past. Being mute, he provides a whole new perspective on the idea that actions speak louder than words.

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/sci-fi /comedy

Planet Ramma is a virtually identical planet to Earth minus a few differences, such as acid rain, the Rammadian flu, there are no cows, Givenchy is a type of orange juice, and more. Join a confident group of misfit geniuses as they attempt to contact other planets, soon to realize that Earth and Ramma are eerily similar and, if all goes well, will hopefully meet face to face in this TV series.



This is a scene from a 13 page screenplay, titled "At What Cost". In this scene, the youngest son, Ralphy, accompanies his father at the shooting range and gets into some trouble with his older brother. 


Here are the first few pages, out of fourteen total, for a short titled "Working for Dana". Silas struggles to overcome a break up to the point of becoming delusional.