Hello. My name is Stephanie Kay Pifer. Most people call me Steph. 

I am a graduate from Ball State University with a BA in Telecommunications - Video Production and minors in Screenwriting/Film Studies and Creative Writing (2015). I also have a Master of Arts degree from Ball State University in Digital Storytelling (2019) and a Master of Arts degree from Southern New Hampshire University in English - Creative Writing; Screenwriting (2019).

Born in Ohio and raised in Indiana, there's been a number of things to capture with a lens. I was given my first camera around the age of eleven and filmed foolish things with my neighbors. That followed me into high school where I started crafting scripts and uploading more outlined content. I've come a long way from fake-stabbing my friends with sticks and making lightning from flashlights, and I'm thrilled to unearth where else it can take me. My writing interests are primarily in screenwriting and poetry, although I never turn down a moment to write and read flash fiction and creative nonfiction.

I began taking theater and multimedia classes in high school which has opened the numerous academic doors that I have traveled through. I hope to one day achieve a PhD in English or film studies and to eat a plate of pasta in the heart of Italy.

Feel free to find me on social media or contact page.

[Photos by Emma Thornburg Photography]